Ten minutes with an oreo

Each week for a food writing class we spend ten minutes writing about something. This is what becomes of it.

Oh no. Oreos.

I decide right away I’ll only eat three because I know that’s a serving because that’s what my mom always allowed. Oreos came only with rules in my house.

First comes the synthetic chocolate scent in the air–the unmistakable smell of oreos.

My hand moves uncomfortably from the cookie to my mouth without taking its normal pitstop in a glass of milk.

It’s too soon, it’s not right, it’s too crunchy, it’s unnatural.

But after a few seconds of chewing, it doesn’t matter anymore.

The New York Feeling

The best part about New York wasn’t the fact that I could get my favorite breakfast sandwich on bagel anytime of day. It wasn’t the magnificent shopping or the fact that you can literally buy just about anything. It wasn’t the people. It wasn’t the commute. It wasn’t the streets or the buildings or the lights. 

The best part of New York is the feeling of bigness. 

Some say New York makes them feel small. I disagree. Texas makes me feel small. Big open spaces make me feel small. Staring at the stars makes me feel infinitely small.

Standing on the streets of Manhattan makes me feel large. 

New York is place where anywhere feels reachable. No heights are too far to climb. You can bump into someone who doesn’t even know how much they shaped your life.* 

While on a touristic boat ride to see the sights we were pointed out where Leonardo Di Caprio lives. I imagine that can make some people feel small. But it didn’t do that for me. It just made me realize that things like that are possible. Maybe I caught the American dream. I’m sure I’m not the only one. New York can do that to a person. 



*I’m referring to Rupert Grint, but it could be anyone, really. 

The fact that dinosaurs once existed and now I can say “I’m a digital editor”

Sorry Audrey, I stole your joke for the title of my blog post. I know you’ll be mad about it for a second, but really I’m flattering you and promoting you as a comedic sarcastic genius. Everyone follow her on Twitter @auddawg she’s really hilarious, and generally mean to me.

Here’s her original tweet:

But back to the basis of this post: I’m now a web editor for Vox Magazine! That basically means I help upload, edit and produce content for the web site and social media, as well as helping with the iPad version of the magazine. 

How cool. I already got to see a movie for free and write a review on it. It’s not published yet, but I will link to it later. We also are going to get iPads for the semester, so this is basically my dream class.

Ever since last year, when I worked for the Missourian after intending to work for Vox, I have been waiting for a chance to get into the Vox newsroom and it’s finally here. I’m also taking another class called Will Write For Food and Wine, and I get to write an article this week about La Siesta’s kitchen. PRAISE. I practically live there, so it really is fitting that I’m writing an article on them during my time here in Columbia.

It’s a bit strange being back in Columbia, Missouri after I spent the whole summer in NYC as an editorial intern for Swoon Reads, an imprint of Macmillan’s Children Publishing Group with some super great people, but a blog post about that is coming up later… so much happened there. I had a fantastic time getting to know NYC and the American’s side of the book publishing industry.

Working at Swoon really helped me for this web editor role. I spent all summer running a WordPress platformed site/uploading the blogs so our first assignment to upload a story to Vox didn’t take me too long. I can’t wait to see what new skills I learn at Vox. I’m hoping to work with the iPad edition and get some more experience managing social media accounts and writing blog content.

So all, I end with an apology. I’m sorry I’ve been so focused with my blogs for work that I have slacked writing here on my personal blog. I’m going to make a sincere effort to stay consistent with these this year.

Teach me how to dance

But first let me ask you to watch a music video…

This girl… this dance. Seriously amazing music video. It’s really sad to me that really crappy music videos like Wrecking Ball and We Can’t Stop get all the attention when artistic pieces like this fly virtually under the radar.

Loving the childlike abandon yet the mature lyrics and the overall jaded feeling of the video. I think a summer project of mine is going to be taking a dance class. Well, I suppose I should get off blogs and start writing my final papers. Ciaooo.