A natural lazy river on Guilligan’s Island, Puerto Rico

It was one of those drives. You know–the two hours drives that magically turn into four hour drives after your GPS reroutes you through the smallest towns and biggest mountains.

After getting lost in the mountains in the heart of Puerto Rico, finally arriving to Guilligan’s island was such a relief. Although we were only able to go there for 3 short hours (the last ferry back to the mainland is at 5), my friend Isabel and I were able to enjoy these mangroves. I did a bit of snorkeling through the mangroves, which was slightly difficult on the way upstream, definitely more relaxing on the way back. It is definitely a must-see in Puerto Rico if you are near Guánica.

We went to Guánica one other time during my two weeks in Puerto Rico to go scuba diving off the wall, but it’s safe to say we took the correct way there, cutting the drive almost in half.

Sometimes you have to trust a map over a GPS.

Pub alert! I’m a wine writer now

I hate to be winey… but wait. I love wine. So much so that I wrote about it and got published!

Peanut Butter and Jelly wine is a creation by Windy Wine Company in Missouri.

Peanut Butter and Jelly wine is a creation by Windy Wine Company in Missouri.

I wrote an article in the fall about quirky Missouri wines, and it was just published in Midwest Wine Press. It highlights three unique wines, a peanut butter and jelly wine, raspberry chipotle wine and a jalapeño mead.

You can read it here, if you’re interested.

It was my first time being published as a freelancer. I owe a huge thanks to Nina Furstenau. In her class we learned about query letters and also refined our food and wine writing skills. If you’re a journalism student at MU I highly recommend taking her class Will Write for Food or Wine… or really any class she teaches. She’s amazing.

The wine industry seems like a pretty friendly place. I’ve even been invited to the regional wine conference in March, hopefully I can make some time to attend in between classes, work and my capstone.