The New York Feeling

The best part about New York wasn’t the fact that I could get my favorite breakfast sandwich on bagel anytime of day. It wasn’t the magnificent shopping or the fact that you can literally buy just about anything. It wasn’t the people. It wasn’t the commute. It wasn’t the streets or the buildings or the lights. 

The best part of New York is the feeling of bigness. 

Some say New York makes them feel small. I disagree. Texas makes me feel small. Big open spaces make me feel small. Staring at the stars makes me feel infinitely small.

Standing on the streets of Manhattan makes me feel large. 

New York is place where anywhere feels reachable. No heights are too far to climb. You can bump into someone who doesn’t even know how much they shaped your life.* 

While on a touristic boat ride to see the sights we were pointed out where Leonardo Di Caprio lives. I imagine that can make some people feel small. But it didn’t do that for me. It just made me realize that things like that are possible. Maybe I caught the American dream. I’m sure I’m not the only one. New York can do that to a person. 



*I’m referring to Rupert Grint, but it could be anyone, really. 

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