Can I get my food to go…all the way across the world?

Thinking of traveling to Italy to get sample some local pasta dishes? Or for those of you who are scared to travel abroad, what about just traveling to Chicago to get some good deep dish pizza?

People are willing to go the distance to get their grub of choice. Obviously, because food is amazing. However, sometimes we can’t afford the time or money to go all the way to Chicago to get a cake from Portillo’s or T-ravs from St. Louis. We especially don’t have the resources to go all the way across the world to a different country to get a slice of cheese. Most of us will die without ever trying buffalo mozzarella, and to be honest I had never even heard of it before yesterday. For some strange reason I still found myself spending 10 minutes reading a whole article about this rare cheese and how a man is trying to bring this Italian local delicacy over to the big US of A.

I don’t know what drew me in more, the fact that I have personal interest vested in caprese salad or the fact that this man milks buffalos for a living. I grew up right by Grant’s Farm, so buffalo are a common sight for me. Milking them however? Seems about as weird as milking a dog in my eyes.

Would you want to milk this guy?

Although with globalization being the reoccurring theme in the world today, this was bound to happen. I for one am all for trying some buffalo mozzarella… however some people stipulate that local foods are best kept local. There’s a whole movement called Slow Food that started in Italy, actually, to help keep food local and unique. After all the saying doesn’t say “Whenever you feel like it, do as the Romans do,” so maybe we should keep local foods local. Looks like I’m going to need that ticket to Italy after all…

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