Fangirl the Magazine

In Spring 2015, Fangirl the Magazine was born. From editorial content to design and social media platforms, we began building a brand brand  to target female gamers, entertainment nerds, fan fiction writers and comic book readers.

Fangirl the Magazine entertains independent young women and empowers them to come out of the shadows of their screens. From video games to fan fiction,Fangirl is the strongest voice for women in these traditionally male-dominated industries.

According to data from the Entertainment Software Association, women made up almost 50 percent of the gaming community in 2014. That number continues to grow, but their attempts to critique the industry are met with threats of violence or worse. This negative sentiment floods into similar areas of interest, such as fan fiction and comic books. Fangirl prides itself on being the strongest voice for women in these traditionally male-dominated industries. It provides a forum for women to break down barriers and build a community that supports their passions. Fangirl serves its readers by offering content that creates conversation, advocates their causes and empowers them to do what they love.

Click here to see the prototype of what our print version will look like. 

Prototype May 2015 cover.

Prototype May 2015 cover. Click to see the digital magazine version of our prototype issue.

As a co-founder of Fangirl, I work in several areas. I brainstorm, write and edit stories and design pages. I also built the website and upload and design content for maximum readability. I also push content through my own social media platforms. On the business side of things, I help form the budget, hire contributors and reach out to potential advertisers. I also attended and reported live from E3 in Los Angeles in June 2015.

Currently, Fangirl is strictly an online presence. In addition to our website, you can find updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and YouTube via @fangirlthemag. We launched a Patreon page in June, which will help fund the publication. We also have office  space to set up headquarters in Columbia, Missouri.

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