Ramadan is over

And so is my stint at the Missourian as of tomorrow. Then I have to start doing stuff for Phi Mu recruitment. So my summer is basically over.

I wish I could have a little bit more summer, there are a bunch of things that I wanted to do over the summer that I just never found time for. 

The story I did today about the end of Ramadan really overwhelmed me at first because I was really tired and not feeling like talking to anyone, but then it actually turned out to be pretty straight-forward. I’m also really happy with the way our multimedia project turned out, it’s about a fireworks collection and it turned out a lot better than I expected it to. 

This class definitely taught me that a 9-5 job is waaaay harder than regular classes. No time for naps at the Missourian. It’s definitely taught me to remember school isn’t as bad as I might think it is sometimes. It was definitely a weird summer being at the Missourian. Although Columbia was kind of nice without any students, I think I’m ready for everyone to come back so it gets a little more lively. And I’m definitely glad I don’t have to take the reporting class during the regular school year because that definitely would have been way too overwhelming.

But it’s national cat day, so I must go cuddle with Luna now.

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