Ten minutes with an oreo

Each week for a food writing class we spend ten minutes writing about something. This is what becomes of it.

Oh no. Oreos.

I decide right away I’ll only eat three because I know that’s a serving because that’s what my mom always allowed. Oreos came only with rules in my house.

First comes the synthetic chocolate scent in the air–the unmistakable smell of oreos.

My hand moves uncomfortably from the cookie to my mouth without taking its normal pitstop in a glass of milk.

It’s too soon, it’s not right, it’s too crunchy, it’s unnatural.

But after a few seconds of chewing, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Last day

Somehow I have pulled through and am getting ready to go to the final budget meeting. The first day seems like it was yesterday, except I know that’s not possible because there’s no way I could do all that work in just one day. 

If only I had time to go home before school starts! But the show must go on? Or something like that.

Ramadan is over

And so is my stint at the Missourian as of tomorrow. Then I have to start doing stuff for Phi Mu recruitment. So my summer is basically over.

I wish I could have a little bit more summer, there are a bunch of things that I wanted to do over the summer that I just never found time for. 

The story I did today about the end of Ramadan really overwhelmed me at first because I was really tired and not feeling like talking to anyone, but then it actually turned out to be pretty straight-forward. I’m also really happy with the way our multimedia project turned out, it’s about a fireworks collection and it turned out a lot better than I expected it to. 

This class definitely taught me that a 9-5 job is waaaay harder than regular classes. No time for naps at the Missourian. It’s definitely taught me to remember school isn’t as bad as I might think it is sometimes. It was definitely a weird summer being at the Missourian. Although Columbia was kind of nice without any students, I think I’m ready for everyone to come back so it gets a little more lively. And I’m definitely glad I don’t have to take the reporting class during the regular school year because that definitely would have been way too overwhelming.

But it’s national cat day, so I must go cuddle with Luna now.