How to save a life

How to save a life? Today is patience. Or possibly leaving the newsroom. Kind of like that song by The Fray. Only not. 

Today I picked up two stories. Probably a big mistake, although the first one about Boone County Fair wasn’t so bad. 

This other store about little free libraries is actually really interesting to me. I had no problems in contacting people or writing the story and they answered on the first call for AC’s so I should have known that editing was going to be where the problem in this article would lie.

Or lack of editing, should I say. 

I finished the ac’s just a few minutes after the ACE stepped out for dinner and hasn’t been back for almost an hour now. And hasn’t responded to my text.

Do I leave so I don’t go crazy and kill someone? 

Someone teach me patience or zen skills or something. Must. Be. Bigger. Than. Hunger. And. Frustration. 


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