Feeling good in the Googlehood

I did a story with hardly any editing (read like almost none) and John made approving grunts as he kept reading and then said it was really good and he liked it! I am not a failure whoop whoop.

The story was about the city council using Google Hangouts and I interviewed a man from the city and someone who I used to do improv with, but is now just a Google + hotshot. He’s even on Google’s list of suggested users with almost 400,000 followers. Stories sure are made easy with a wide network, staying friends with people is some of the best advice I ever got. 

The Twinkie story I’m working on though, surprisingly took more work, but is way worse. I definitely struggle with reporting things a lot of other people are reporting, too. I feel like I was almost Twinkied out before I even wrote the story. But it will be alright I think, just have a short “shelf-life” as John punned. 

Now just to start working on Welcome Back projects and editing our Multimedia project… but in other news only 24 more days left (correct me if I’m wrong) of this class. Whoda thunk?

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