Competitive edge, had me a bash(ful experience)

Wednesday I covered an speech by Tony Coelho, a disabilities advocate. It was a little strange because it was my first time covering something where there was a lot of other media there from other outlets. After the speech was over I wanted to talk to the mother, but when I got up to talk to her, she was busy talking to someone from the Columbia Tribune, the other newspaper in town. Various TV stations where there, too. I felt pressure to talk to the right people, but also talk to different people but in the end I ended up not talking to many people, which later was one of my biggest regrets of the story. 

Next time I know to talk to the people I want to talk to early and not wait around for the courage to do it, and don’t be afraid to talk to a lot of people, even if I necessarily am not going to use every persons quote in the story. 

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