About Mollie Barnes

Mollie Barnes

Me pretending to be a bowl of sherbet

Hi, there.

This is a blog about all things Mexican food, traveling and the spicier side of life.

My friend Maggie described me best when she said, “It didn’t really matter where, she just liked to go.”

I’m constantly on the go. If not, I’m in the process of planning somewhere to go. For now I’m in Columbia, Missouri, studying journalism at MU with an emphasis in Multiplatform Design. I am also a reader for an Italian publishing house, Neri Pozza Editore and a content strategist and web designer for Lift Division.

Someone once told me that you can be anyone you want to be if you write it in your about me. In that case I am Katy Perry’s twin*. I have a rare disease where I can eat anything that I want and I don’t gain any weight**. I won the lottery at the age of twelve*** and I currently reside in my villa in Italy****.

*I am not a twin nor related to Katy Perry (except in spirit).
** The only disease I have is asthma which isn’t actually cool.
***I am currently living off student loans.
****An apartment in mid-mo is hardly a villa, I suppose.

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