Just keep walking

I am so incredibly glad that this week long story is over. It turned out to be so simple and so straight forward, but it required so many interviews that were complicated to get only for one little bit of news… but it was actually rewarding to find out some news that no one had. I think the story should be pretty good, and it’s scheduled to come out Monday.

With moving this past weekend, and just added stress from that and the squished feeling I’m feeling as the summer session comes to a close, I would say this week seemed like I did horrible, but looking back it was actually alright. I got three articles done (phew) and now I just have to keep my cap on for one more week, ONE MORE WEEK! And then it’s time for sorority recruitment and then classes.

** Let us all take a moment of silence in memory of Summer 2013 **

I had a job interview yesterday and I really really hope I get it. I suppose it’s time to bust out the big guns and write them a hand written thank you note. The interview seemed pretty positive, though!

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