Maude Vintage celebrates 12 year anniversary as busy season winds down

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Maude Vintage Clothing & Costumes celebrates their 12 year anniversary of being in business today.

As most stores are gearing up for their busy season, Maude Vintage Clothing & Costumes is just wrapping up theirs.

The months surrounding Halloween are the busiest times for Maude Vintage, a store in The District that specializes in costumes rental. Just as most stores hire seasonal workers during the Christmas season, they also hire seasonal workers to help accommodate the flux of frenzied last minute costume rentals.


Owner Sabrina Garcia-Rubio wears a mask for sale

Customers can rent a whole costume or just a special piece to complete their look.

“It usually takes us until the 14th to get all the returns back,” said Sabrina Garcia-Rubio, owner of Maude Vintage Clothing & Costumes. “We have a lot of stragglers that we have to keep calling and sending letters to get some costumes back.”

Some official letters even have to be sent, warning of impending prosecution if the customers don’t return the rented costumes.


Costumes are sorted for laundering

After all the costumes are laundered and put back on the floor, the store focuses on their used clothing side of business. Since they are a buy and trade business, people are still welcome to bring their creative and gently used costumes to sell.

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