The risky business of 3D

I’ve killed a man, I’ve danced with Michael Jackson, I’ve flown with my own two wings over icebergs, I’ve been to space…virtually. With all these new virtual gadgets, there is literally a way to trick your brain into thinking it’s doing anything. I always seem to have trouble tricking my brain into fully getting into it, though. When I’m watching a 3D movie, I can usually get into it and forget that it’s fake for a few minutes, and when I get off the treadmill I immediately fall on my face because my coordination is so thrown off by the run to nowhere that I just took. 3D is trying to be the next big thing so hard, but some are still skeptical.

In a BBC article it speculates upon the dangers of watching 3D television. It says that 3D television might not be suitable for children. Who could have seen that one coming, right? Obviously every new technology that comes out is not as suitable for developing children as the activities that they would be doing had the new technologies not been invented such as playing with friends and socializing, reading, or exercising. Instead lets give them video games where they can not only stay inside and function without having to talk to anyone or be social, now they don’t even have to be unsatisfied by things looking fake.

Nintendo’s 3D portable gaming device that doesn’t even require 3D glasses

It seems like the incentives for healthy living that kids need to grow and develop normally are slowly and slowly diminishing. Or maybe I just think 3D is better suited for theme parks than basements. Or maybe I just wish that I could have perfect eyesight and so I think that anyone who could potentially have great eyesight and does something to harm it is just plain foolish.

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