Travel agents pull a Star Wars

If you’re a nerd like me, you remember those times in Star Wars where a crew is receiving a message via a hologram, right? Luke Skywalker will be needing some handy advice and Yoda will appear in a hologram giving him some “advice good for Luke”, yes? Sorry about my lame attempt at Yoda lingo.

So imagine this: you just ended a wonderful stay in Germany, and you’re trying to smuggle some Deutsch chocolate and sausages into the US of A, but you get stopped. Somehow the TSA has discovered your lie. You have smuggled these delicious goodies into America every year on your annual trip to Germany, but now, they somehow have figured out your lie! How you ask? HOLOGRAPHIC PEOPLE. That’s right. Some airports around the world now have holographic travel agents to help assist you, or in your case, catch you red-handed.

Holographic Boarding Agent

These crazy things can actually DETECT WHEN  YOU’RE LYING at customs. Creepy and crazy if you ask me. The hologram uses infrared sensors and other crazy technology to detect changes in pupil dilation and subtle changes in tone to know when you’re lying to customs about bringing in that illegal chocolate and sausages.

The article from BBC I read about the topic mentions that families are very interested in the new travel agents and that people are very satisified with their experiences using them. It also says that the holograms use “soothing” voices to calm down distressed travelers. I don’t know about anyone else, but I know personally if I’m in distress when I’m traveling, a computer is going to do everything BUT calm me down. After the novelty wears off of feeling like Luke Skywalker, I’m going to get real angry at these things. I’m pretty sure when my baggage is lost, and a computer keeps telling me to calm down, I would probably just end up attacking it with my trusty traveling neck pillow. Then I will proceed to look for a REAL person to calm me down and get me my missing luggage so I can finally brush my teeth after hours of traveling.